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The TYPO3 Guidebook - a community-sourced writing project

Heather McNamee, Felicity Brand, and Jeffrey A. McGuire have done something incredible: They have channeled the collective experience of dozens of developers and contributors from the TYPO3 project and captured it all in a new, English-language book.
It's a deep and broad introduction to content management, the TYPO3 community, and the software project. It also contains 10 tutorials for achieving specific goals with TYPO3.
I will talk about how a "community" writes a book, and what processes were needed to turn a distributed effort into a cohesive work.
*Takeaways:* A book gives back to an open source community. It builds trust and credibility; and adds resources & useful assets.

Recorded session followed by live Q&A with Olivier Dobberkau

28.07.2021 17:30 - 18:10 Stream
Talk Starter / Overview

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